Metropolitan Security Council Of Greater New York

About the Metropolitan Security Council

Our vendors provide us with up-to-date technologies which aide us in our fight against shrink. There is never any pressure to purchase any of these systems. Dues are kept to a minimum and are used to cover the cost of seminars and expenses. The meetings also include a sit down lunch. Dues for retailers are $150.00 for the year, which is usually paid by your company. Dues for vendors are $200.00. New members are charged $35.00 for the first meeting only, payable by cash or check. There is no obligation to join, but we welcome you to come and meet new friends, and share your experiences while you enjoy an educational lunch. The Metropolitan Security Council of Greater New York is a non-profit organization.

We welcome any retailer, large or small. We encourage you to send a representative of your company to our next meeting. Many council members have double-digit years of experience in retail. Our members are a vast group with knowledge and expertise from various companies such as: Rite Aid, Stop & Shop, National Wholesale Liquidators, King Kullen, CVS, Garda, IBI Armored, Red Apple Group, Inc., D'Agostino, Duane Reade, Ahold Giant Foods, just to name a few. They offer great advice. The learning never stops. Please join us at our next meeting!

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